2018 brings a year of amazing positive change to FiCT! We are not only presenting new partners that will help make the event more epic than ever, but also a new arena that is simply put: World Class.
On top of this we are also following the directions of the CrossFit Games and the team competition at FiCT2018 will be for 4-athlete teams!

FiCT2018 once again aims at gathering the best Individual Athletes and Teams in the Southern African region for a competition that is now well known for our creative and successful way of testing Fitness - don’t miss out on this one!

 FICT 2018, Presented by CAPE CROSSFIT - A 2.5 Day Competition aligned with the CAPE TOWN 10’s:


We are super proud to announce that FiCT2018 will run as a partnering event alongside the famous Cape Town 10’s (link) - this will allow two big communities to come together for a festival of Sport and Fitness never seen in South Africa before! 

These will be the dates for FiCT2018:

The benefits of aligning ourselves with the Cape Town 10’s dates are amazing, among others the Cape Town 10’s are averaging 25.000 spectators during their 3 day competition and because FiCT2018 will still be a “free entry for spectators” competition the vibe in the Athletic Stadium is expected to be electric. On top of this FiCT2018 will provide all it’s athletes and volunteers with a FREE entry to the Cape Town 10’s area, which includes the infamous Cape Town 10’s After Party - the celebrations of success after the 3 days of both competitions will surely be ones to not miss…

FICT2018 - again, the biggest prize pool South Africa has seen to date,  +R180.000 TO THE ATHLETES, including prizes for Online Qualifiers and each WOD in the Main Event!

Fittest in Cape Town has always been a competition by athletes for the athletes, and we aren’t planning on changing that any time soon. Our goal is as always to have the strongest line up in South Africa have ever seen on the competition floor, but also to be able to support our best athletes in their pursuit of reaching International Compeititons, such as the CrossFit Games Regionals.

We are super grateful to our Sponsoring partners who are making the below Prize Pool possible for 2018's winners:

PRIZE POOL MAIN EVENT - Female, Male & Teams:

  1. R24.000
  2. R16.000
  3. R8.000

If you want to know how we know that this price pool ends up supporting the best athletes in Southern Africa on their international travels, just take a look at the podium from 2017:

We literally nailed the exact top three finishes in the CrossFit Games Open as the same 3 male, 3 female, and 3 female teams later on ended up in those top 3 spots after the Open as well..

PRIZE POOL EACH WOD During the MAIN EVENT - Female, Male & Teams:
100p Events: R1.000
- 50p Events: R500
This alone means that there is + R20.000 up for grabs (total in all divisions) as an extra bonus.

PRIZE POOL ONLINE QUALIFIERS - Female & Male after the final ranking is concluded:

  1. R3.000
  2. R2.000
  3. R1.000

QUALIFYING PROCESS INDIVIDUAL - 24 Male & 24 Female Spots Available (R900/ATHLETE):

For the Individual Competition there will be 2 ways to get a sought after spot at FiCT2018:

  • GOLDEN TICKETS (Free Entry): Just as for 2016-2017 we will invite previous winners to take part in the 2017 competition.
    Declining an invitation may mean that you wont receive one the following year depending on demand.
  • ONLINE QUALIFIER (R100/athlete) - 10 days of 3 Qualifier WOD's competition 17-26th of November 2017: Also exactly like last year we will hold an Online Qualifier. The WOD’s will be released over 3 days from the 17th of November and the athletes will then have a total of 10 days to submit their scores and videos. Video submissions will be required through our partner APP and we highly recommend you to read on the submission rules for each FiCT 2018 Q-WOD once they are released. Qualified Athletes will be required to pay the entry fee if they wish to participate in the FiCT2018 Main Event.

With the above paths to get into the coolest event of the competition calendar in South Africa, we aim to once again present the most competitive field ever assembled on South African ground in early February so make sure to leave some space in your calendar to either compete or spectate at the Fittest in Cape Town 2018!

TEAM COMPETITION - 100 Spots Available for Teams of 4 Athletes (R3.200/TEAM):

The Teams for this years competition will take a new shape as we are following the lead for the CrossFit Games and the teams will now consist of 4 athletes (2 female & 2 male). All athletes must train at the same box a minimum of 51%* of the competitive season for 2017 which is counted from the 20th of November 2017

* Just like the CrossFit Games Open aims to send the fittest TEAMS to the Regionals and later the Games, we aim to find the Fittest TEAMS in Africa. Team members may be asked to provide a training log book and/or proof of training at the affiliate they claim to represent. Any cheating of these standards will immedeately result in the ENTIRE BOX being disqualified and banned from future Fittest in Cape Town events. NB: Some teams are already reported and on our radar for this competitive season and will as such be required to present proof of training at the box they represent plus a logbook.
Exactly like on the individual side we aim to make Fittest in Cape Town 2018 an event that gathers the best Teams Southern Africa has to offer so the "Team Qualification" will be based on a few parameters:
  1. NOW: PREVIOUS WINNERS - Will receive a GOLDEN TICKET to the Fittest in Cape Town 2018 before the below takes place.
  2. From 14-17th of November2017 Participating Gyms will be allowed to sign up ONE Team each: the teams will be able to confirm their spot between the 14-17th of November, failure to do so = spot forfeited.
  3. From 14-17th of November: 2017 CrossFit Games Regional Teams from South Africa - Will receive an invite to register simultaneously GOLDEN TICKET TEAMS.
  4. From 18th of November: OPEN REGISTRATION - Any team, following the “Same Box Rules”, will be allowed to sign up. First come, First served will rule. 
  5. BRING YOUR COMMUNITY BONUS - One FREE Spot for the Box with most signed up TEAMS per the deadline of 30th of November 2017 FiCT is always a great way to bring your bigger communities together and as such we want to reward those that sign up big groups of their athletes, the fee for one team (R3.200) will simply be reimbursed to the box owner after this date.
  6. ONE FREE SPOT UP FOR GRABS FOR THE BOX WITH THE MOST ONLINE QUALIFIER ATHLETES SIGNED UP! We recommend that you use the FiCT2018 Online Qualifier either as a way to rank your athletes for the different teams you will be sending, or just like an awesome community builder similar to the Open. If your box happen to have the absolute most signed athletes at the end of the Online Qualifier you will receive a FREE ENTRY for one team (R3.600 will be reimbursed to the Box Owner).

The Goal for Fittest in Cape Town is to serve the community in many ways. One of them is to find the "Fittest Team in Africa" and another one is to try to spread the participation between as many boxes as possible to reach the bigger community in SA. We are not aiming to be a competition that offer volume over quality, but rather want to ensure that all competitors at FiCT2018 have an amazing competition experience just like the past years by being invited to do amazing workouts that are creative, challenging, and fun!

We wont disclose any movements or loads yet, but we do recommend that if you are aiming to be Competitive in FiCT you should be able to at the very least do the CrossFit Games Open as prescribed. If you do not yet have pull ups, hand stand push ups, and efficiency with moderate to heavy barbell loads you may slow your team down to the point where they wont be able to finish a workout. Take a look at previous years workouts (some can be found on our Webpage/Facebook page) as an example.


We are super proud to say that we are bringing you the best line up of Sponsors possible in South Africa when it comes to Functional Fitness Comepetitions, exactly like last year we have 3 main sponsors that alongside the organising team from Cape CrossFit is committed to delivering an amazing competition experience for everyone involved:

Official FiCT2018 Apparel Sponsor: REEBOK South Africa

We are happy to say that FiCT2018 will once again be in partnership with Reebok SA. Reebok is once again responsible for the EPIC FiCT2018-kits for athletes and volunteers and are also sponsoring parts of the massive prize pool that is up for grabs in 2018!

Official FiCT2018 Supplement Sponsor: NUTRITECH

Nutritech came on board in 2016 and has been a loyal Sponsorship Partner to FiCT ever since! Nutritech share our philosophy of putting the athletes first and are also sponsoring some of the best athletes in South Africa and provides competitors with top of the range supplements. On top of this they are contributing with a lot of cool stuff for the participating athletes in 2018 and we are happy to announce that we have a long term agreement with Nutritech as one of our most loyal partners!

FiCT2018’s NEW Official Equipment Sponsor: MiFitness

We are stoked to present MiFitness that has stepped in and offered FiCT2018 to sponsor the equipment needed to run an event in the way we see fit. FiCT is run as an event that is meant to be for the athletes and by having such positive support from MiFitness, not only with the equipment needed in it self, but also through prizes for winners both in the Main Event and the Online Qualifiers we feel that we have found a partner that supports our vision of FiCT2018 being a world class experience for our athletes!


We look forward to once again bringing an event to the Functional Fitness Community in South Africa that shall not easily be forgotten. Fittest in Cape Town 2018 will be competition for the bigger community, but we also know that the competition is designed to truly find the FITTEST Male, Female & Team in South Africa.

We know that the competition dates will mean some shuffling and planning from the athletes side, but we truly believe all the benefits with aligning with Cape Town 10's will be beyond worth it. 

We hope you agree with our philosophies, and look forward to seeing all of you on the sandy.. hmm... grassy... hmmm, hot… BLUE competition floor next year!

Your Team at Fittest in Cape Town